someone had a birthday

Gwen has been talking about her 3rd birthday for the last month.  This is probably due to the fact that her older sister cannot stop talking about her birthday/what kind of birthday party she wants, even though her birthday isn’t until December.

So Gwen’s day finally arrived.  She shares her birthday with her Aunt Liz, so we had a little family dinner/birthday party, which was a lot of fun.  The disappointment of the night for me was that I realized the birthday cake I made looked like a lame large donut. The disappointment for Gwen was that her favorite gift she got (a play kitchen) wasn’t going to be assembled that same night.

In fact, Dave is working on it right now and has probably been at it for about two hours.  He keeps telling me that it is the complete opposite of anything you buy and put together from Ikea, so I just keep telling him that I’m sorry.  If I had known that there were going to be a total of 42 pieces and 154 screws, I wouldn’t have bought it.

Today, Gwen hosted a few of her friends for a birthday/tea party.  I have to say that tea parties are the perfect birthday parties for little girls.  They are occupied for most of the time at the table which is nice for me because I always have a pretty hard time thinking of games or activities for birthday parties.  Plus it’s just so fun and feminine!  I think I enjoy it as much as the little girls.

The disappointment for me today though was, once again, the cake.  I ran out of frosting, and could not find any white chocolate covered oreos for the polka dots, so I had to improvise, making my own. They are totally wonky looking. Seriously, I either need to either start making more cakes for practice, or do a trial run before the day of the actual birthday party.  Today’s cake wasn’t as disastrous as the infamous Barbie cake of 2006, but it wasn’t as successful as I thought it would be.

Gwen also got a few tubes of lip gloss. Nothing makes that girl happier than lip gloss. And no matter how many times I try to “help her,” she can’t seem to remember to apply it to her lips instead of her face.

Dave and I can hardly believe that our baby girl is no longer a baby (nor has she been for quite sometime), but is a three-year-old. Where does the time go? She is crazy, loud, silly, fun and a blithe little spirit. We are so glad that our Gwendo is part of our family.

  1. Grandma and Grandpa

    What happened to our Gwennie…she LOOKS three now. Can’t believe how much older just a few months makes. Love the post and the pictures.

  2. Amanda Coon

    Thanks again for having Elizabeth come. She had a great time, and just like every other little girl she LOVES her very own lip gloss. I wish you would have seen her face when she first saw it in her goodie bag. Your brilliant Holly!

    Also, I thought the cake was cute! :)

  3. karissa

    oh i think the cake was cute! although i did take a look at that barbie cake which just made my day! definitely a fun birthday, i always LOVED tea parties! ok, still do…

  4. Brooke Benton

    lipgloss and minnie mouse? gwennie and tessie are a match made in heaven. i really wish we could have been there. really. happy bday to miss gwen. we have a treat for her (because i was hoping we’d be there) that i’ll get around to bringing down once luke stops being sick.

    (any day now. please?)

    and the cake looks adorable. what are you talking about?!


  5. Denice

    Happy Bday!


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