Teddy Bear Panda Masks

Inez, our ever-industrious five-year-old, got very excited this morning when she  heard that she would be accompanying Holly to Rock Canyon park tomorrow. Too excited. Holly mentioned that she would be selling some of her aprons there and Inez’s eyes grew wide.

Editor’s note: read yesterday’s post for details on Holly’s offering in the park.

“Can I sell something at the park too?!”

“Sure honey,” I said. “What do you want to sell?”

She thought for a moment and said, “Panda masks for teddy bears!”

Let me (try to) explain. Last night, after I had put her down for the night, and as I was closing her door, Inez called out, “Dad? Will you make a mask for Sally Bear?”

I paused. “A mask for your teddy bear? Um… ok. What kind of mask does Sally want?”

Quickly, as if I had somehow implied otherwise, she answered, “NOT a clown mask, Dad.”

“Oh.” I said, a bit confused, “Sure, hon. No clown masks, I promise.”

Thinking out loud, she considered a few possibilities, “Dolphin? Hmm. Unicorn? Maybe. Panda? Hmm… YES! A panda mask, Dad. Sally wants a panda mask.”

Why yes, this is a teddy bear panda mask.

Why yes, this is a teddy bear panda mask.

Let’s pause for a moment to review.

My daughter has asked me to make a panda bear mask for her stuffed brown bear to wear. Apparently, a dolphin or unicorn mask would have been acceptable, but a clown mask is out of the question and I might be in trouble for bringing it up. Even though I didn’t.

“Ok, honey. Sure. We can make it in the morning.”

So, fast-forward with me back to this morning. Inez not only wants to create a panda mask intended for teddy bears, she now wants to manufacture and sell them to a broad audience. She’s starting to think big.

“Dad! We could sell them! We could take the money and go to Disneyland.”

“How much would you charge for them?” I asked.

“One hundred.” she said.

“Dollars?” Holly and I asked in unison.

“Yes.” she said, firmly.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. That’s too much, right?

Don’t worry. Since then, Holly and I have talked her down to 10 cents a mask. Inez drives a hard bargain though; before she would settle, I had to agree to create another bear mask for her to sell alongside the panda.

What will this second mask intended for teddy bears be, you ask?

A face only a five-year-old entrepreneur could love.

A face only a five-year-old entrepreneur could love.

“Frankenstein, Dad. For Halloween.” She said while raising her eyebrows and palms, neatly communicating “Duh!” without having to come out and say it.

So, there you have it. Inez will be selling Panda and Frankenstein teddy bear masks for 10 cents each tomorrow in Rock Canyon Park. If you’re in the market for a teddy bear mask, I invite you to consider purchasing one of hers.

In fact, you might want to pick one up early in the day. There’s no telling how long it will be before she raises the price back to one hundred dollars.

Also, just so there’s no confusion on this point: there will be NO clown teddy bear masks for sale tomorrow. None.

What’s that? You want a template so that you can make these teddy bear masks from the comfort of you own home? Alright, fine then.

  1. courtney

    part of my days plan included visiting Holly, I’ll bring my coin purse.

  2. David

    Courtney, thanks for stopping by and buying from Nez. She was thrilled.

  3. Sarah

    Possibly the coolest teddy bear masks I’ve ever seen. EVER.

  4. david

    you guys are some of my favorite people in.the.world. um…can you post a bigger frankenstein. We did move into a new ward, and will be attending a new trunk or treat this year, and we need to make a good first impression. (p.s. trunk or treat doesn’t make any sense…who came up with that? who would ask for a trunk?)

  5. Anonymous

    you should put more pichers on the page


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