Happy Halloween

From a little witch,

a skeleton with pink bones,

and these 19 pumpkins.*

*Not all 19 pumpkins are ours alone—they are from four different families.

New Clothes vs. Hand-Me-Downs

So, Inez has been pretty jealous lately because Gwen has been getting new clothes. Now, when I say “new,” I actually mean hand-me-downs. But they are new to Gwen, and that’s what Inez sees. Pajamas have been the main focus lately as Gwen has been getting to wear a lot of new ones with this cold weather. So, I decided to use some of my flannel stash and make a pair of pajama pants for Inez.

The flannel I had was pink with horses all over it. If you know Inez, then you (like I) would have thought the jammies would have been a HUGE hit. She should have been the happiest little five-year-old, right? Nope. She complained that I didn’t make a top to match the bottoms. At that point, all I could do was shake my head and sigh.

What she doesn’t know is that pajama bottoms are super easy for me to make. It’s the top that I don’t even dare try.

Sleeves? No thanks.

A collar? I’ll pass.

Oh well, at least I still like them. And, I’ll give her a few days… I have a feeling she’ll come around.

Pink! With Horses!? Really, how could she not?

Totally Worth It

When I have tons of money to spend on clothes for my girls, I am totally going to buy them both petticoats like this one.

Not only is it gorgeous in person,

but it looks amazing in photographs,

and the girls LOVED wearing it.

When the day comes that I do have tons of money to spend on clothes for my girls (Dave, I’m looking in your direction), I imagine that I’ll buy many petticoats in multiple colors. Until then, I’m lucky to have a good friend that lets me borrow her petticoat on special occasions (like last week’s family photo shoot). Thanks again, Kristen! I’ll return it… someday.

Also I have to thank my sister, Kristy, who took our family photos. We love them and (pardon the inside joke) hope you’ll always remember the amputee legs.

A Bit of a Quandry

Inez’s skeleton costume was mostly done for a party she went to last Saturday. Ever since she told me she wanted to be a skeleton with pink bones, in my mind I envisioned the bones being stitched onto her costume like this:

But after stitching one of the bones on, I’m not sure I like how it looks. It seems to take away from the look. I also think it looks like a dog toy or something. Not to mention, it took me SO long to do just one.

I’m still not sure. What do you think? Stitches or no stiches?

Tickled pink

For the past year, ever since we originally painted Inez’s room the bold pink that it was, she has been (vocally) wishing that it had been painted light pink. Light pink is her signature color. Even for Halloween she wants to be a skeleton with light pink bones (and I’m workin’ on it, wish me luck!).

So when she saw her room this morning, she was more than excited. And much to my surprise, I was really excited about it too. In fact, I will even go as far as to say that I LOVE it.

When I asked her how much she liked her room, this was her response.

Maybe some of her ideas aren’t so bad after all.

Too much on my plate?

So, there are approximately only four weeks until this baby is expected to make it’s DEBUT TO THE WORLD!!! Don’t I look like I’m about ready to pop? The sad thing is that this picture was taken two weeks ago.

My problem is that I have a list of things that I need/want to get done before that happens. This list of mine is pret-ty long. Like, so long that there’s no way everything can be done—and I’m looking at things optimistically.

One of the things to do is move the girls into the same room. We have a small house. Our rooms are small. That being said, Inez’s room was bright pink and not only am I sick of it after one year, but it seems like the bold pink will make everything a little more cramped and busy than it’s already going to be.

The current color is “ursula” (the bottom portion of the swatch) and Dave is changing it to the color “votive” (the top portion of the swatch).

The spackle bits on the wall in the background are from shelves that were hanging there. The shelves are going out too, since I don’t want them hanging over Gwen’s bed (I’m a paranoid California earthquake girl). I’m not quite sure what will go up on the walls though. I know that I want this rad print in a frame. And I’m thinking of framing a bunch of pictures of the girls to hang on the wall too. But I’m afraid those projects will just have to wait until after the baby arrives.

P.S. Any comments (that would make me feel better) about the big belly picture would be greatly appreciated.

Sugar Pea shop update

A few days ago, I set about whipping up another batch of my “patented” tulle tutus, partially because it had been a while and I was missing the making, but mostly because I wanted to try out a few new colors.

Now, a few days later, they’re finished and can I say this? I LOVE how they turned out.

I made two different pink tutus—both have a bubble gum pink base—but one uses a light pink accent color and the other uses fuchsia:

I’ve also brewed one in coffee brown with a cream accent (seemingly caffeinated, crazy-faced five year-old not included):

I’ve also done one in amethyst with an iris accent.

Top o' the mornin' tutu ya!

Side note: Unfortunately, at this particular point in my pregnancy, it’s no longer easy (or physically possible) for me to chase/wrangle/manage the girls while taking their pictures. So on this photo shoot, I talked Dave into tagging along. It’s safe to say that we all enjoyed his company. I was especially grateful that he was there to help get my large, awkward, big-bellied self up off the ground a time or two.

However. Dave’s company didn’t mean that we didn’t have any meltdowns. We did.

One last thing. There are a few new aprons as well.

As always, you can follow the Sugar Pea link on the side bar, or if it’s easier, just click here to go to Sugar Pea (my Etsy shop).


I just wanted to give a little shout-out to my sister-in-law, Sarah.  She started this business called Thinnerware.

She makes (yes, makes) dishes that have camouflaged portion sizes on them or in them.

Here’s her blog.

Here’s her website.

And, she was featured in Better, Homes & Gardens’ November issue.

Pretty cool, huh?

Tell Me Why

Matilda, Ninja Cat, and a Limerick

Over the last couple of nights, Inez and I have been reading Matilda before her bedtime. Tonight, when we read the part about Matilda’s poem for Miss Honey, Inez got curious. She asked me what a limerick is and after hearing my explanation, she decided that we needed to write a limerick of our own.

A limerick about Ninja Cat.

Before you read what we came up with, let me first say this: you’re welcome.


There once was a nice ninja cat
with whom we wanted to chat.
He said “Go away!”
so we didn’t stay,
but went home and sat on a mat.