A Bit of a Quandry

Inez’s skeleton costume was mostly done for a party she went to last Saturday. Ever since she told me she wanted to be a skeleton with pink bones, in my mind I envisioned the bones being stitched onto her costume like this:

But after stitching one of the bones on, I’m not sure I like how it looks. It seems to take away from the look. I also think it looks like a dog toy or something. Not to mention, it took me SO long to do just one.

I’m still not sure. What do you think? Stitches or no stiches?

  1. Dave

    No stitches.

  2. Holly

    Really? Last night you were convinced the stitches looked better? What brought about this change?

  3. Anonymous

    tough one…
    stitches seem really cute, but tons of work…
    no stitches, just as cute.

  4. jenny

    ps…oops, that anonymous was me.

  5. Katrina

    Oh my goodness, woman, save yourself and skip the stitches.

  6. Holly

    I know Katrina. And that was an easy bone to stitch. I didn’t take pictures of the rib cage. That would probably be the end of my sanity (if I have any left at this point).

  7. erin

    no stiches

  8. Grandma K

    No stitches unless their invisible or pink to match so they fade in…they do change the mood. :)

  9. courtney

    that is a great costume!! You are very talented my friend.

  10. Denice

    Although the stitches are absolutely adorable, that is definately one of the things i would drop from that really long todo list.


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