Matilda, Ninja Cat, and a Limerick

Over the last couple of nights, Inez and I have been reading Matilda before her bedtime. Tonight, when we read the part about Matilda’s poem for Miss Honey, Inez got curious. She asked me what a limerick is and after hearing my explanation, she decided that we needed to write a limerick of our own.

A limerick about Ninja Cat.

Before you read what we came up with, let me first say this: you’re welcome.


There once was a nice ninja cat
with whom we wanted to chat.
He said “Go away!”
so we didn’t stay,
but went home and sat on a mat.

  1. Anonymous

    This is fun. I’ll bet Inez got it better than when I tried to teach writing poetry and limericks in Beijing in my Academic Writing class. It was a hoot…they couldn’t get the rhythm thingy along with understanding syllables and the pattern in English and tying it all together with the subject. The interesting thing is they know grammar and rules better than most of us. I thought it was dog simple…I guess not. And, it is harder to write a good one…like yours and Inez’s. Co-authors!

  2. Grandma K

    Woops…that’s ol’ anonymous me.


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