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So Inez brought home her very first school pictures on Friday. I have to admit I was pretty excited to see them!

Then. I saw them.

After laughing for a little while, Dave and I discussed a few things about her very first picture taking experience.

(A) Was the photographer paying any attention to her expression?
(B) Did it occur to the photographer to say “smile” right before snapping the picture?
(C) Was there more than one picture taken and if so, was this the best of them?

When I asked her why she didn’t smile, I got some random excuse about how smiling is not always good in pictures.

Maybe the photographer told her NOT to smile, and instead, she should try and look really, really uncomfortable.

So now I’m considering retakes. Part of me wants to keep this version because it will be funny to look back on. The other part of me wants to retake them so that she at least looks somewhat happy in them.

I know that I’m biased, but really, she is a cute girl.

I’m not expecting perfection from a school picture, but geez! Since when was Kindergarten so miserable? Can’t I at least get a smile?

What do you think we should do? Has anyone else ever had to deal with this before?

Let’s put it to a vote, shall we?

Should we get picture retakes?

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  1. Azucar

    We got ours back with a similar pained expression and REALLY bad hair.

    My husband asked why I did the kid’s hair that way. I responded that it hadn’t looked that way when I sent him out of the house.

    I say we live with it. We have plenty of other great pictures, school pictures can be something we laugh at later on.

  2. liz.weekley

    No for picture retakes. You can take much better pictures yourself and bad ones are MUCH more fun to tease her about when she is older so buy them anyway :) (Then make a Christmas ornament out of it – I guarantee your other kids will have loads of fun teasing each other about their bad picture ornaments when they are older – Dave’s family sure does, it brings lots of laughs every year!)

  3. karissa

    pretty sure school pictures never look great, where do they find these photographers?!

  4. Denice

    I do have to laugh. keep just one to laugh about and send the rest back for retakes.

  5. Liz Kewish

    Did you already pay for them? If so, then get a retake. Because most likely you won’t give any of those not so good ones out and then it will be a waste of money. I don’t get school pics for my kids because half the time they look dorky. There you go Holly, start a photography business called school picture alternative. You could take really cute pictures of kids around the time that they would have school pictures taken and you could charge the same or less as the school package deals. Okay, you would have to give me a cut though for the brilliant idea. Good luck.

  6. courtney

    LOL, “look uncomfortable” I’m laughing as I write that! My kids have NEVER had a good school picture. Like they can’t smile on command or something. Even with retakes. Kindergarten must be so fun that she was so bothered that they were wasting her precious class time with pictures.
    If you are going to keep this one, make sure you have those comments with the picture that you blogged about written down, it makes the picture hilarious.

  7. Melissa

    That got a good laugh out of me.

  8. Melissa

    I just showed Natalie Inez’s picture and she said, “I like it.” and then, “Why were you laughing about it? Why is it funny?”

  9. Evonne

    That seriously made my day.

  10. Tracy

    Oh gosh, I am seriously cracking up… like laughing hard cracking up. Okay.. here’s the thing. If you plan on sending Grammas and Grampas school pics, sure, retake. But you don’t need to do that. You can send a million others that you have taken yourself. I say, keep them for the laugh. She might be mad at you later, but it all comes down to WHAT you are planning to do with them. You don’t need to frame it and hang it on your wall, ya know? I don’t know.. you might want better pics for future “lining up school pic” type things, but I suggest just keeping them. You might have a chance in March-ish to take school spring pics anyway.

    Still laughing…… LOVE it.

  11. Dyana Geddie

    Doesn’t everyone have one of these pictures in their years of “bad” school photos? I’m sure she has tons of great pictures from you…but this is a classic picture. My only reservation would be if it’s the picture going in her yearbook. You really don’t want her to be scarred knowing that this may be the only picture some people will have to remember her by! And photographers are seriously like a minimum wage job with no experience needed except knowing where the picture button is on the camera!


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