Stupid Teenager Husk

I’m warning you. Right now, I’m warning you and I’m doing it with my serious, somewhat frightening, “I’m warning you” voice. This is post is preachy. And heavy-handed. And a lot bit clumsy.

But. It’s got a strong heart. And it tries. And that’s enough reason to go ahead and give it a read anyway, isn’t it?

I vote yes.

Okay. So, back when I was a stupid teenager, I hated General Conference. No. That’s not true. I didn’t feel strongly enough about it to hate it, but it did bother me. Every April and October it annoyed me.

It was just SO long. And SO boring. And SO frustrating.

The place where weekends go to die (photographed by the talented Jeremy Hall).

The place where weekends go to die (photographed by the talented Jeremy Hall).

Each time it rolled around, conference seemed to gobble up my entire weekend. Not just my Sunday, mind you, but my Saturday too. From 10 in the morning to 8 at night! And all those talks just ran together like a two-day chain of navy suits and tidy haircuts and droning voices. Those voices! That same soothing, rhythmic, peaceful cadence… in speaker after speaker… lulled me… to… sleep… JUST as one of my mom’s side jabs jerked me back.


Long, boring, frustrating, teenage torture.

The fact that those weekend-consuming, tidy-haircut-sporting, sleep-inducing voices were the voices of latter-day prophets didn’t really register with me. As a stupid teenager, I just wasn’t ready to appreciate conference.

Going on a mission (and growing up a bit) has helped me to start to turn things around. I’ve slowly started hearing the value of those voices.

Now, at thirty-old years-old, I feel like I shed a layer of stupid teenager husk each year. I enjoy conference now. I engage with it.

Don’t misunderstand me. I still doze through a talk or two (or three?), but when I’m awake, I’m REALLY awake. I hear those voices now. They affect me. They change me a little bit.

I finally want them to. <brushes off husk flakes>

Wait… wow. Preachy, heavy-handed, clumsy, AND self-righteous. I warned you, right?


This conference—this time around—there was one voice that really boomed out, don’t you think?

If you’ve got 15 minutes and you’re not a stupid teenager, listen to Elder Holland’s talk again.

It might wake you up.

  1. Mom K

    His talk was POWERFUL! And, would definitely not be easy to fall asleep to. :)

  2. FAYE (Bethh's mom)

    Even down here in California we are feeling that the word “powerful” is grossly inadequate to describe Elder Holland’s talk.



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