Sugar Pea shop update

A few days ago, I set about whipping up another batch of my “patented” tulle tutus, partially because it had been a while and I was missing the making, but mostly because I wanted to try out a few new colors.

Now, a few days later, they’re finished and can I say this? I LOVE how they turned out.

I made two different pink tutus—both have a bubble gum pink base—but one uses a light pink accent color and the other uses fuchsia:

I’ve also brewed one in coffee brown with a cream accent (seemingly caffeinated, crazy-faced five year-old not included):

I’ve also done one in amethyst with an iris accent.

Top o' the mornin' tutu ya!

Side note: Unfortunately, at this particular point in my pregnancy, it’s no longer easy (or physically possible) for me to chase/wrangle/manage the girls while taking their pictures. So on this photo shoot, I talked Dave into tagging along. It’s safe to say that we all enjoyed his company. I was especially grateful that he was there to help get my large, awkward, big-bellied self up off the ground a time or two.

However. Dave’s company didn’t mean that we didn’t have any meltdowns. We did.

One last thing. There are a few new aprons as well.

As always, you can follow the Sugar Pea link on the side bar, or if it’s easier, just click here to go to Sugar Pea (my Etsy shop).

  1. Grandma K

    SHOOT! We thought we could order the girls and have them FedEx’d to Hong Kong.
    Delightful post! I also love the tutus and aprons.
    And, ah…Autumn in the grove now….

  2. Denice

    cute cute cute! i need some little girls!

  3. Holly

    Dave put the “top o’ the mornin” caption on that picture of Gwen. It’s really cheesy unless you hover over the picture of Gwen in the purple tutu. Then it’s not as cheesy and actually kinda funny.

    What can I say? He’s a keeper.


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