Too much on my plate?

So, there are approximately only four weeks until this baby is expected to make it’s DEBUT TO THE WORLD!!! Don’t I look like I’m about ready to pop? The sad thing is that this picture was taken two weeks ago.

My problem is that I have a list of things that I need/want to get done before that happens. This list of mine is pret-ty long. Like, so long that there’s no way everything can be done—and I’m looking at things optimistically.

One of the things to do is move the girls into the same room. We have a small house. Our rooms are small. That being said, Inez’s room was bright pink and not only am I sick of it after one year, but it seems like the bold pink will make everything a little more cramped and busy than it’s already going to be.

The current color is “ursula” (the bottom portion of the swatch) and Dave is changing it to the color “votive” (the top portion of the swatch).

The spackle bits on the wall in the background are from shelves that were hanging there. The shelves are going out too, since I don’t want them hanging over Gwen’s bed (I’m a paranoid California earthquake girl). I’m not quite sure what will go up on the walls though. I know that I want this rad print in a frame. And I’m thinking of framing a bunch of pictures of the girls to hang on the wall too. But I’m afraid those projects will just have to wait until after the baby arrives.

P.S. Any comments (that would make me feel better) about the big belly picture would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Katrina

    Okay, I swear when I looked at the picture (before your desperate plea at the end of the post), I thought “Holly, you look really good. And that’s a cute little belly. And no, you don’t look like you’re going to pop. But I SOOO get how you’re feeling.”

    You’re adorable.

    But that doesn’t make it any easier to roll over, or breathe when there’s a baby lodged in your ribcage.

  2. Azucar

    You look adorable. Enviable.

  3. Holly

    I, and my ego, thank you ladies.

  4. Faye

    Holly! Not to change the subject but we need to get in touch with your folks. We are going to keep an eye on the Chantilly house here in Anaheim and the e-mail address I have for them is not them!

    Can we e-mail them? Let me know.

    Dave and Faye Kossub

    I remember it well. My belly hurts looking at your belly. But it’s cute!!!

  5. erin jiles

    holly- you look great. let me know if i can do anything to help you. we would love to have gwen come over and play anytime.

  6. Cherri

    Your prego belly looks great, and your eyebrows, they always look great too! What do you do for a perfect brow? I could use a whole post on your perfect brows.

  7. Holly

    erin – i will take you up on that. gwen would love to play with zanna, she points out her house every time we drive by.

    cherri – oh, my dear. if you saw my eyebrows up close, you would notice that they are far from perfect. they actually don’t even match because i have a scar that runs through my right brow. but to answer your question, i usually pluck but have recently had them waxed for the first time by my SIL. then a friend pointed me to a video on threading and i’m wanting to give that a try…someday.

  8. Mom

    Okay, that is NOT a big belly, that is a baby…it’s hard to remember, most of it is not really you. And, of course, I think you look great–SO EXCITED for little Lesue’s arrival.

  9. Melissa

    You look really good, and that was my thought before you asked for it, and I love the new pink, and I love that print. I want you to decorate my house. Can you do it before the baby’s born?

  10. Tracy

    Okay, I, TOO thought BEFORE I saw the end of your post – you are NOT even that BIG!!! ( I KNOW you feel huge, but you DON’T look big!!!) You are (and always have been) SO very beautiful. And call me silly, but I liked when you said “pret-ty” the way you did.. I actually heard you say it. love it.

  11. karissa

    I am LOVING your long hair! You look like a cute hip mom! i think the girls will LOVE sharing a room, they will definitely grow closer!

  12. Holly

    Mom, Melissa, Tracy, Karissa, I love you!

  13. courtney

    I think pregnant woman always look beautiful. I think it’s too bad that society makes us feel like we have to still be skinny and all belly. You look great!! and I like your hair long.

  14. Holly

    Thanks Court! And I totally agree with society making us feel that way. I’m certainly not all belly. I’m more belly with a lot of back fat!

  15. Denice

    your belly is HUGE!!!!!!! hehehe hahaha hohoho. oh, sorry about that ho ho part :) anyway – women ALWAYS have a to do list that is way too long – esp pg women. pick the top three most important ones and dump the rest. and get some rest. your life is about to drastically change (again).

  16. kristy wihongi

    you look fabulous…and are fabulous…even if you don’t feel like it. don’t worry…even if you are worried and don’t feel like you are ready….baby is still coming and all will be crazy wonderful. don’t forget to shout out loud for any help or encouragement that you might need/want. the last few weeks are always extremely unnerving for many reasons for mommy. you are doing great! you have a beautiful family and a wonderful husband…life is great…right? :)


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