Totally Worth It

When I have tons of money to spend on clothes for my girls, I am totally going to buy them both petticoats like this one.

Not only is it gorgeous in person,

but it looks amazing in photographs,

and the girls LOVED wearing it.

When the day comes that I do have tons of money to spend on clothes for my girls (Dave, I’m looking in your direction), I imagine that I’ll buy many petticoats in multiple colors. Until then, I’m lucky to have a good friend that lets me borrow her petticoat on special occasions (like last week’s family photo shoot). Thanks again, Kristen! I’ll return it… someday.

Also I have to thank my sister, Kristy, who took our family photos. We love them and (pardon the inside joke) hope you’ll always remember the amputee legs.

  1. courtney

    you hid your tummy VERY well in this picture. I forgot you were pregnant for a second.

  2. liz

    Okay, now I see, the petticoat in your pictures is much better then the ones I saw today.

  3. Andrea

    Where did your friend get her petticoat? I am looking for one for my daughter’s 1st b-day?

  4. Holly L.


    I’m not sure where she got it, but I know you can get them at They are $80.


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