Four Eyes and Two Pictures

Someone got glasses. And that someone is extremely excited to have glasses. In fact, that someone’s response to the news that she needed glasses was a fist pump and a “YES!” that was a little too loud for an optometrist’s office. Now that she’s got them, she says she’s in the “glasses club” with Dave.

I can’t get over how much older they make her look. She is growing up way too fast.

On a semi-related note, after much debate, we decided to get her school picture retaken after all.

I’m really glad that we did. Not only does it look better than the first one, but now that she’s graduated to the grown-up-too-fast glasses club, it’s nice to have one last artifact from her days as our little glasses-free girl.

  1. Grandma and Grandpa K

    Cute pictures…she looks SO much older and clever…now that she is six–which is even better than five…maybe she will be that ‘forever and ever.’ :)
    Okay, the school picture is much better, and while it doesn’t look like her natural smile, it is cute, cute, cute! But, of course, you must save the first one.

  2. Tracy

    Those are the cutest glasses on the cutest girl. Three out of four girls in our home have them too – welcome to the glasses club Nezzie!! :)

  3. Denice

    she looks so smart!


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