A little while ago I blogged about having too much on my plate. And while I’m actually getting some things done, somehow, my plate is not getting emptier (is that a word?). It seems like I am just adding more to my plate. And not only is my To Do list getting longer, but my energy level is being depleted. Fast.

Some of my projects are finished. My Doula wanted me to get some sort of heat pack, so I made this one with some flannel that I had in my stash. It’s just a simple heat pack with rice inside that you microwave.

I have to admit that it was a pretty easy project. It kind of felt like when I realize that I have done something that is not on my To Do list, but I add it anyway just so I can cross it off. Tell me I’m not the only one who does that.

I also have some projects that have not even been started and I’m sure the reason is because they are a bit more complicated. I decided that instead of waiting to see what we have (boy or girl), I will make two little quilts ahead of time, since things will get a lot crazier after baby arrives.

So the two pieces of fabric on the left are for the girl quilt, the two in the middle are for the boy quilt. Then two pieces on the right are what I want to use to recover a baby swing that someone gave us.

I think I’ve maybe lost my marbles because I even suggested to Dave last night that maybe we should make our own Thanksgiving dinner this year. Now, keep in mind that my “due date” is nine days before Thanksgiving, so we probably won’t be having dinner with our families that are in the area with such a new baby BECAUSE, OH MY GOSH, I BETTER HAVE HAD THIS BABY BY THANKSGIVING. But I think that might be pushing it to try and make our own feast. Especially since I’ve never even done a turkey before.

So, I’m crazy. Right?

  1. David

    Yes. You ARE crazy (lovely and crazy).

    Nine days after birthing a human, you shouldn’t be doing anything that even remotely resembles preparing a meal, let alone preparing a THANKSGIVING DAY DINNER.

    I’ll prepare it. You rest.

    PBJs are ok, right? I’ll use cranberry jam.

  2. Carina

    You are bananas.

    No feast.


    But put me down as a YES for adding things to a list after I do them.

  3. Beth

    Oh my goodness I absolutely love the blue fabric!! This must be your form of “nesting”.

  4. Brooke Benton

    but i think this is an argument for finding out what you’re having before the actual event:

    just so’s you don’t have to sew two quilts.

  5. Katrina

    A little.

    I think you’re just in some nesting delirium where you think you can prepare a Thanksgiving feast without sobbing into the mashed potatoes while trying to nurse your newborn and peel apples for the pie. Oh- and heal from GIVING BIRTH. I’m totally imagining myself in that situation.

    Dave, I think PB and Cranberry J sounds fab.

    Love the fabric, by the way.

  6. Holly

    Katrina, thank you for that dose of reality! You are too right, I can picture it now. Why would I want to taint Thanksgiving in such a way?

  7. Denice

    Yes, I do that – the writing things on my list, after I’ve done them, just to cross them off. Sick minds.


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