Our Olive

She is such a good girl. We love her so much.

  1. Grandma and Grandpa

    What a perfect little doll she is.

  2. karissa

    i agree with you about the cold winter i will not go outside unless i absolutley have to! although i do enjoy looking at it. do those pink boots come in my size?

  3. courtney

    love that photo, she is so adorable. I like those colors on her blanket.

  4. Ashley Ann

    She is gorgeous! Beautiful picture too….

  5. Katrina

    She is so yummy. Is it just me or is she a Gwen clone?

  6. Ada Bowler

    She is darling! And welcome to the world of three girls! As Sadie said when Annie was just tiny, “Mom, we have a lot of pink in our lives.” Indeed. Congrats on more pink in your life!

  7. Ada

    And by the way, I love that quilt she is laying on. I’m assuming you made it? Lovely.

  8. Faye Kossub

    Holly! She is simply beautiful.

  9. Amanda Coon

    She is SO beautiful! Nice blanket too.. someone really talented must have made it. :)

  10. Denice

    beautiful baby and adorable quilt


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