A letter to Santa

Inez wrote a letter to Santa. She is very interested in writing and sounding words out and spelling them on her own. So before she sent this to the North Pole, I wanted to document it (here on our blog of course!).

Allow me to translate: “I been very nice so can I have present”

We’re working on it.


After coming home from the hospital the girls each wanted to hold Olive. Inez is in love and is constantly saying how cute Olive is. She is always asking me how Olive is doing and kissing her.

Gwen calls her “The New Baby.” No matter how many times we tell her that she can call her Olive, she still just wants to call her The New Baby. For example, she says things like, “Mom, The New Baby is crying” or ” Mom The New Baby needs her binkie” or “It’s okay New Baby, don’t cry.” It’s actually pretty cute.

I don’t know if you can tell or not, but she is really excited to be a big sister. We’ve got a lot love giving going on here at our house.

So far, so good.

We are ready. Maybe.

Today is December 1st. Olive is two weeks old. The time is already flying by. Just look at her little hands and loooooong fingers.

We are excited that it is December! Our tree is up and our home is decorated. Now the snow can come to help it feel even more like Christmas.

On a different note, Dave goes back to work tomorrow. It’s been nice to have him home these past two weeks, but the time has gone by way too fast. I think I could really get used to having him around all the time. I’m afraid his two weeks of paid paternity leave have really spoiled me. Tomorrow it’s going to be me and the three chicas. All by myself. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Wish me luck.