Teaching by Word and Deed

Looks like I’m not the only one that is nursing in our home.

She even remembers to burp her baby too.

She’s such a good mommy.

  1. Azucar

    Holly, I LOVE this!

  2. Azucar

    Holly, I LOVE this! Reminds me of when the boys would insist that their stuffed animals got a turn nursing as well.

  3. Maya

    That’s great! :-)

  4. Annie @ PhD in Parenting

    How cute! I wish I could nurse my baby from my belly button. At least then I would have an excuse for the extra weight I’m carrying around the middle.

  5. Tracy

    Um, I think that is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  6. courtney

    love it!

  7. Beth

    Absolutely to die for!!! Great job taking the picture – not just thinking about it.

  8. Denice

    so funny!!!!


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