The Sleeper

Someone needs to tell Olive that as much as I love to hold her while she sleeps, it’s impossible for me to get anything done. For some reason, this weekend she has been Super Crying Baby anytime I’m not nursing her or holding her while she sleeps.

Now, this may or may not be attributed to the fact that I have had a lot more chocolate integrated into my diet over the holiday. In which case, I have brought this all upon myself and this is my punishment. And admittedly, it’s not a bad punishment. Especially if it happens over a holiday weekend when we have nowhere to go and can sit around in our pajamas all day while watching movies.

And wow, my eyes really do look as tired as they feel.

  1. dyana

    umm..maybe I’m not terribly sad that we didn’t have another. I do love my sleep and the longer we go without a bambino, the more selfish with it I get! That is funny that you know Sara. Her dad owns the company Jim works for..and yes, she is the sweetest ever. The whole family is!

  2. Carina

    You need a sling. Want to borrow one of my many slings?

  3. courtney

    some sort of baby carrier is also my suggestion

  4. Grandma and Grandpa

    What a precious little one!

  5. Stephanie LaPray

    I just remember when I thought I would fall apart at the seams with nursing 2, no sleep, 3 other toddles and 2 babies—-my mom would say “AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS”–and it does and in a small way I seem to miss it!


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