Coming Out of the Holiday Haze

Wow. It’s been awhile. We have been a lit-tle slow getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. We were a little rusty coming into 2010, but here are a few things that have been occupying our lives for the past month or so.

Lots of puzzles.

Lots of brownies.

Nasty sicknesses and ear infections which left this girl hard of hearing for a short time.

By the way, who knew that laying in bed for a few days would produce one of the worst snarls EVER.

We had a visit from some good friends who brought us “the goods.” They definitely know how to keep our friendship going strong.

We had a nice, quiet little Christmas.
Inez was too fast for me to capture her entrance Christmas morning, but I got Gwen comin’ around the corner.

Gwen was SO excited to get a baby that talks and moves. She loves all aspects of playing Mommy to her baby.

Inez got the gyroscope that she asked Santa to bring her, and it was a hit.

They were equally excited to get into Olive’s stocking for her.  Even though Santa brought Olive pink binkies, she still wasn’t interested.

Who knew that bubble gum would be such a hit? Apparently, one of Santa’s elves did.

And of course, there was plenty of lip gloss to go around.

We also hung out with Dave’s family on Christmas.

After Christmas, I shopped Target’s clearance sale and scored some plates that I LOVE. I can use these year-round, right?

We spent New Years with some of my family and followed the tradition of having a ridiculously large and extravagant spread. Curry chicken and chocolate covered potato chips? Yes, please.

Gwen disappeared with her cousins and when I found her again, her hair was a hot mess. This hairstyle is typical of Gwen.

I tried making this Chocolate Bavarian Torte (that I saw on this blog that I love) for a get together we had with some friends. It doesn’t look too pretty, but I think it was pretty good.

I’ve been making blankets for a service project for Disney’s Give a Day, Get a Day promotion. I don’t have very much free time these days, so the project has been a little slow going. But it’s been enjoyable to be sewing again.

Even though I only have two of the three blankets done, I managed to “find” some time to make a little blanket for Olive with some flannel I bought before she was born. I wish now that I had bought a few more yards because I love it.

Inez is happy to be back in school and Gwen keeps me entertained. Here she is modeling a wetsuit my sister gave her last summer. She is obsessed with it for some reason. And once again, we have the crazy hair.

And Olive has just been busy practicing her Kung Fu and getting chubbier.

Now that we are more than half-way through January, WE ARE READY FOR 2010!

  1. Melissa

    So that’s what you’ve been doing…I was beginning to wonder what the Lesue’s were up to. Where was our Bavarian Chocolate Torte, btw?? :) I guess the Jo-Jo’s picture and shout out made up for no torte.

  2. Holly

    Melissa, I hadn’t yet discovered the recipe or I would have made it. We can make it this July on our vacation!

  3. Grandma and Grandpa K

    Was that a Holly-daze?

    Anyway, we enjoyed the post. Love the Christmas morning with touseled hair and excitement in the air. And, you would think little Olive would like a PINK binkie in true Lesue-girl fashion.
    Love the blanket fabric patterns!

  4. Amanda

    Wow, what a great update. Looks like Christmas was a hit! By the way – the chapstick that E got at Gwen’s b-day party let Santa’s little elves know just how much she loved chapstick. They made sure E had some in her stocking this year. SO….. thanks for tipping them off.

  5. Holly

    Mom, a “Holly daze” is the norm for me, unfortunately.

    Amanda, glad to be of service.

  6. brooke

    gwen and tess really are of the same mold. we have crazy hair over here always. and now, when i even try to brush it she just cries and says, “but i want it crazy and krilly!”

    you’ve been busy girl! no wonder you need a vacation (and here i thought it was just the babe). when can i babysit? xo


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