Dedicate and Arise

Earlier this afternoon, after returning from church, Holly and I took a few minutes together and read Elder Scott’s October 2009 General Conference talk, “To Acquire Spiritual Guidance.”

Let me stop right there and answer your question. The answer is yes. We are super righteous.

Anyway, the message is amazing (of course) and it’s full of inspiring goodness, but one passage really stood out to me as I read it. It’s this quote that Elder Scott used from John Taylor:

We are SO righteous.

“Joseph Smith, upwards of forty years ago, said to me: ‘Brother Taylor, you have received the Holy Ghost. Now follow the influence of that Spirit, and it will lead you into all truth, until by and by, it will become in you a principle of revelation.’ Then he told me never to arise in the morning without bowing before the Lord, and dedicating myself to him during that day.

Every morning. First, bow and dedicate. Then, arise.

This makes so much sense to me right now. I seem to get so easily lost in the bustle of the day. Every day. I keep forgetting what I’m here for. Some days, it’s like I suffer from short-term memory loss.

“Ok, who am I and what am I doing with this life again?”

You know that adage about how airplanes are off course 99 percent of the time?  Apparently, flights aren’t straight shots. The pilot has to make course corrections repeatedly throughout the flight in order to keep the plane flying toward its destination.

That’s us too, right? We are those planes, those pilots. We’re off course 99% of the time.

I know I am. And that’s what the quote is about. Life is so full of distractions that if you want to get anywhere, you just have to rededicate yourself every day. And that’s what prayer is, right? That’s what personal revelation is. They’re our way of making those necessary course corrections. Every day. Every morning.

So. If you are having one of those days (years?), and feeling just hopelessly lost, I say:

Calm down.

Of course you’re off course. Nobody expected otherwise.

Just wake up, bow, dedicate yourself, and arise.

course 99 percent of the time. Every flight from one place
to another requires a continual series of course corrections to keep the plane flying toward its destination.

And then do it again tomorrow.

  1. Grandma and Grandpa K

    Wonderful, Thank you!

  2. Ashley

    I like this post. A lot. Thanks Dave. Oh, and of course I already knew of your righteousness after witnessing the fast Sunday activities you engage in along with my husband… :)

  3. David

    No. Thank you, G&G K!

    Ashley, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I’ve never even heard of Fast Sunday Bingo.

  4. Holly

    All I know is that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to bear my testimony again. But if I do, I’m totally calling you guys out.

  5. Ashley

    I think a good calling out is definitely in order. My already fragile testimony-bearing courage has been seriously deflated.

  6. Amanda

    NO!!!! Oh man I’m so sorry. That’s it, I’m buying a leash to put Jeremy on. NO MORE FAST SUNDAY BINGO! Really it’s Jami (his sisters) fault for giving him the idea, her singles ward had a legit one that went around each fast Sunday. It’s done though, it was getting out of hand anyway. :)

    Oh and I really love the post too Dave. It’s a great article, thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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