Olive at Two Months

So there is this project I’m doing that I got from good ol’ Martha. Basically I take Olive’s picture once a month, wearing the same 12 month onesie (her, not me).  I know this doesn’t look like a 12 month onesie, but I assure you it is.  Then when she turns one, I find some cool frame with 12 spots and put all her pictures in it that I have taken over the first year.  It’s a good thing.

One month

Three months

Four months

Five months

Six months

Seven months

Eight months

  1. Grandma and Grandpa K

    What a clever idea. Look at how much she has grown in one month.

  2. Ashley

    That is an awesome idea. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Oh, and can’t believe that’s a 12 mo. onesie.. You think it’ll fit at 12 months? :)

  3. brooke

    love the idea and can’t believe she’s SO BIG! i have your christmas card picture on my wall and she looks completely different. i thought for sure she was a gwen clone but now i’m stumped. regardless: adorable!!!

  4. Amanda

    No way is she that old already. Weird. Beautiful girlie, and a great idea!

  5. Denice

    that onesie is not going to fit her at twelve mths! too tall. btw – i started this with a few children and never made it the whole 12 mths. hope you have better luck than i did.


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