A story about Holly, on her birthday

Today is Holly’s birthday and to celebrate the day, I’m going to share one of my earliest memories of her. But first, let me warn you that this is a cheesy post. It’s a super cheesy post. If you are cheese intolerant, then you need to stop reading this now.

Ok. It was 1999ish and Holly and I attended the same BYU student ward. I had seen her around here and there, but we hadn’t formally met. One fast and testimony meeting, she got up and bore her testimony. I was in the congregation. I remember she was dressed in black. She got up and just… completely blew me away.

The way she looked, the way she talked, her strength, her emotion (this one, like all of Holly’s testimonies, included a few tears), her presence. She was stunning. I was hooked.

How do you not love this woman?

How do you not love this woman?

I can’t recall the specifics of her testimony (thanks a lot, faulty brain), but I do remember sitting there, with wide eyes and a slightly open mouth, thinking, “Wow.”

Ten years, three kids, and a hundred thousand joy-filled moments later, she still wows me every day.

I love you, Holly. Happy birthday.

What’s your earliest/favorite/best/etc. memory of Holly? Cheese-intolerants, you can come back now.

  1. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Jon

    Happy Birthday Holly Bolly Chauchie Cholly. My favorite memory is taking her to church dances. She would get really shy/nervous, not want to dance in front of me and all of my friends and would go hide out in the bathroom ;) Love you Holly! Happy Birthday

  3. Liz

    I never heard that story before. Happy Birthday Holly. One of my favorite and earliest memories of you is when we would shop together at the Gilroy outlets.

  4. Azucar

    My oldest memory is when she came up during her senior year in high school to visit Kelly, who’d been dragged to Utah. I remember I was confused because, TWO HOLLIES?

  5. brooke

    oldest memory? i can’t remember. there’s too many. from live oak to provo to hawaii to notebooks to 16 candles and quotes and bread bowls and chocolate chip cookies… there were shopping “sprees” and modeling sessions and hitchhiking and telling people we were sisters and dancing dancing dancing. i always think about when i worked at the plantation store and you would come “visit” me, or how together we made it ok to act like teeny boppers well into our college years (from liking n’sync to cutting class and having SERIOUS crushes on a plethora of boys).

    really, there are too many…

    but what i’ve been thinking about all day: the amazing fact that i had my first born on one of my dearest friends’ bdays. that’s much more than pure coincidence. i just know it.

    i love you!!!

  6. Mom

    Okay, the memories, of course, go waaaaaaayyyyy back…like the little tickle inside the tummy, to hiccups and healthy kicks. But then, let’s just say the speedy little white VW bug ride to Boston Lying in for Women in the yell-at-the-husband labor stage and soon finding a sweet little bundle in arms. Then came her non-Church-standard bikini under the lights due to her intense jaundice…planning the fastest escape route down the back fire escape because they wouldn’t let her go home from the hospital for way too long. Those are just some very early memories and there’s a whole list of funny and wonderful memories since this Bicentennial Boston Baby was born.

  7. James

    Killing her chick in a book and her telling on me. I’m sure the chick would have died eventually anyway. Even at that young age I was already trying to protect her from future heartbreak. What else are brothers for? I didn’t think it was a cheesy post at all Dave. I’ve always known that you were head-over-heels for Holly and that’s why I let you guys get married…haha. Seriously though, great post for a great sister. We love and miss you guys!

  8. Tracy

    I am totally cheese tolerant and that was SO great to read – I love it and totally agree about what you said about that girl! I think Holly is fantastic, I love that her and my sis, Beth, have the relationship they do. I could listen to stories about them all day. I LOVED being around them, and being their driver, even if my car was as embarrasing as it could possibly be to drive in down the street! White smoke galore!!!!!

    My earliest memory is at an Anaheim 2nd ward camp out. Holly was about seven years old and had long hair that I wanted. But mostly I wanted the rainbow socks she was wearing. I clearly remember pushing her in the hammock and coveting those socks!!!

  9. Jody

    Thanks to Holly, I can’t drive under an airport runway without wishing I was in the back of a pick-up truck screaming at the top of my lungs.

    Happy (late) birthday!

  10. Holly

    i love you all for those comments (you too, anon). they made me smile, laugh, cry and feel blessed. thank you!

  11. Natalie

    My earliest memory of Holly is sitting in the living room of her apartment at BYU when I was her visiting teacher. Who would have known that she would have such a good looking brother and I’d end up marrying him a year or so later? I’m indebted to her forever for introducing us.

    I admire Holly for so many reasons including, but not limited to: puking for nine months to get her beautiful girls here, her great sense of style, her creativity and craftiness, her strong testimony (I’ve witnessed some sweet ones too), her kindness, and her dedication to her family and friends.

    Love you, Holly. Happy very belated birthday.


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