One of the Silliest Girls in all of Happy Valley

Gwen makes me laugh on a daily basis.  She also makes me crazy with her lack of interest in being potty trained, but that’s a whole other post. The funny thing about Gwen, is that she actually knows that she is making us laugh and therefore, hams it up.  I think she got this from my brother, James, who used to do the same thing.  And because I love my little brother so much, it makes me love this about Gwen even more!

So, yesterday she came running into the living room, rather enthusiastically, to show Dave and I the picture she had just drawn. According to Gwen, this is a picture of her when she’s scared of the dark.

I think that her depiction is funny in and of itself, but the weird thing about it is that she actually makes that same expression.


  1. Grandma and Grandpa

    Priceless! And, becoming quite the little artist.

  2. Melissa

    An artist in the making. Very cute.

  3. James

    I love you too Sis


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