The Winner, a Video, and a Craft Tutorial

Thanks for all your entries.  After assigning everyone and their extra entries a number, I used to pick someone.  Random picked…

LIZ! – who wrote “Do I even need to say who would be wearing this at our house? Okay, I am going to try to link it to FB as well.”

So email me within 24 hours, Liz, or you lose! hollylesue[at]gmail[dot]com

Sorry to those who didn’t win.  I always feel bad when it comes time to pick someone for my giveaways because I want everyone to win.  One of these days when I have more time (probably when I am able to clone myself so I can properly take care of my children and always have a clean house and sew/craft/create to my heart’s desire) I’ll have a tutorial on the tutus.  They really are quite easy and require minimal sewing.  And even then, the sewing is in a straight line.  Anyone can make these tutus, trust me.

In the spirit of Valentines Day, I put together this little video of my valentines. Enjoy.

Also, here’s a quick little craft that I got from The Idea Room which has great ideas (duh) and easy crafts. Ours turned out a little different than hers, but I think I like our version better.

Start with some card stock, paint, a paintbrush and a paper plate (or anything else you want that will hold the paint)

Paint your child’s hand with one color. They will love this step, well at least my girls did.

We practiced a little first.

After one hand dries, do the other hand with a different color.

After it dries, write a message around the hand prints, which not only solidifies the heart shape, but will make the grandparents (or parents) happy recipients.

I also cut ours down with some decorative scissors, but forgot to take a picture of them before they got stuck in a package and sent to our missionaries in Hong Kong.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Liz

    Yeah, I am so happy I won. We are going to have one happy little girl in a read/pink tutu running around the house. I liked the video but I didn’t see any pics of you in it.

  2. Holly

    Besides the fact that there just aren’t a lot of pictures of me since I’m the one who is usually doing the picture taking, I just wanted to make a video of my four valentines.

  3. Denice

    i love your video. when do you find the time with three little princess’ ?

  4. Holly

    When they are asleep! I can’t do anything for a solid block of time when they are awake. Gwen especially has become quite needy lately. But even when they are asleep, it’s hard to find time for myself because all I want to do is sleep! My sleep has now become my “me time” and even that gets interrupted. Ah, the joys of motherhood!

  5. Melissa

    Okay, I totally missed that giveaway…dangit! I LOVED that video, your pictures are so adorable. Cool song too. And very cute craft, I’m sure my girls would love doing that.


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