Valentine’s Day, A Birthday, and A Giveaway

Tutu Giveaway is now closed.

Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is this weekend? I think the best thing about Valentine’s Day (yes, even better than home made sugar cookies) is that my birthday is the VERY NEXT DAY. And this year, I want to do the giving.  Well, at least some of the giving.  I’m still totally open to receiving.  I mean, it is my birthday after all.

So who wants to win one of my little girl tutus?

That’s right peeps. I’m giving away one of my little girl tutus. This one though, is actually a new one—all red with a few pink pieces distributed throughout. You will be getting the one in these very pictures that Gwen is modeling.

Do you have any big plans for Valentine’s Day? Our plans consist of going to church and having dinner with my in-laws. So romantic! Nothing against my in-laws, they are great people, it’s just not gonna be a romantic dinner for Dave and me.

And actually, that’s okay with me. Not because I don’t want to have a romantic dinner with Dave. I just think Valentine’s Day should be about showing or expressing the love we have for our loved ones.

So let’s see some love here, people. If you want to win this tutu for your little girl, or a little girl that you love, leave me a comment and tell me who you want to win it for.*

Here are The Rules:
1. * A comment on my blog will earn you one entry.
2. If you blog about this and link back to this post, you can get TWO, that’s right TWO, extra entries.
3. If you link to my blog on Facebook, you can get another TWO entries!
4. If we aren’t FB friends, you need to tell me you linked to me. And please, let’s be honest here. You can email me at hollylesue[at]gmail[dot]com
5. This giveaway is short. It will be ending tomorrow, Thursday, February 11 at 9pm MST.
6. I will announce the winner Friday morning at 9am MST. If you are the winner, you will only have 24 hours to email me and claim your prize, or it will go to someone else.
7. There are still a few tutus in my Etsy Shop in case you want a different one, or unfortunately, don’t win.

That means you can earn a total of FIVE entries! So make sure you enter, tu-tu-today, junior!**

**Bonus point for anyone who can tell me what movie that’s from. And no, bonus points are not extra entries, but just a bonus point for you, with me, because I will think you are cool if you know what I’m quoting.  Consider it a “friend point” which is far more valuable than any tutu I could ever make.

  1. Natalie Spencer Kjelstrom

    Hi !! (I was in your ward at BYU while I lived at Courtside!) I want to win it for my little girl….it won’t fit her just yet, but she will be adorable in it when she does!!

  2. Karla Shafer

    Hi, I would love to win this for my daughter she loves to pretend she’s a ballerina and this would make it even more magical!!

  3. courtney

    billy madison, duh

  4. courtney

    when you say link, do you mean I saw you post about it on facebook so I clicked on your blog link? cause I did.

  5. courtney

    and not gonna blog it because that lessens my chances of winning. selfish. i know.

  6. Holly

    No, I mean YOU post it on Facebook too, like I did, including the link so other people can click through. But since you won’t blog about it, you probably won’t post it on Facebook either. But silly Courtney, you may think it lessens your chances of winning, but it increases them! Five entries compared to one! Get it?

    And um, you didn’t include in your comment who you will give it to. So I’m not sure I should even count your comment as an entry.

    Oh, and you only get one entry for commenting. You don’t get three entries for your three comments. Nice try though.

    And thank you for recognizing the quote. You already rank high with me, but that gave you an extra “friend point.”

  7. Sarah

    I’d give it to Gigi naturally. It’d probably be small for Whig.

  8. Elizabeth

    Holly these are do adorable! I would love to win this for my daughter who thinks she is to old for dress up but could not resist putting this on and dancing around the house for hours!

  9. amber

    mmm…i would definitely have to give the tutu to savy. (once i finish dancing around in it. i mean, really, are we ever too old for tutus). love, love, love it!!!

  10. Liz

    Do I even need to say who would be wearing this at our house? Okay, I am going to try to link it to FB as well.

  11. Karen

    I love the tutu. Thanks Liz for posting the link on FB.

  12. courtney

    fine. I linked it on facebook, happy?

  13. courtney

    we’ve established my selfishness so I think I will keep it for myself. This will work perfectly for the formal night on our cruise!!!

  14. Amanda

    I would love to win this tu-tu for my daughter, Emery! She will look adorable in it but she might have to grow into it first! Also, loved the Billy Madison quote–clever!

  15. Staci Johnson

    I would love to win this for my little girl!!! So cute!

  16. Ashley

    I would love to win this Holly, and give it to my niece!

  17. Kim

    i want one for me, it’s my birthday on thursday. PS Reece would wear this everyday, everyday is dress up for her!!

  18. jenny

    i want to win!!!!

  19. David

    are we cheating…we are two different people you know? i wouldn’t want to cheat–its against my job contract! But i want to win it for jane–or the new babe–she could wear it home from the hospital–or be blessed in it (classy!)

  20. Amanda

    hey! wanted to tell you I also posted a link to this on my blog:

  21. Ashley

    hey! i just went to amanda’s website and linked over to your blog. i would love to win this tu-tu for my niece, emmy. wait, oh, well, secretly i would also like to win it for my own *daughter* that i don’t have, yet…. but, emmy would look reallllllly cute in it:). so, yeah- i would love to win it for my niece!

  22. Amanda

    So I’m starting to feel a bit stalker-ish but I just want to win that dang tu-tu! I also linked on my Facebook.!/ajkitterman?ref=profile
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  23. Lisa

    Lucy and Jane would look adorable in this tutu…although I don’t think Lucy would be willing to share. Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Birthday…a little early.

  24. benae basurto

    I would love it for my little girl BROOKLYNN!!!She is a girly girl with 3 older brothers, she loves dressing up

  25. amber

    linked it all up on my blog and on facebook. so count me in!!

  26. Heather

    Kate would look absolutely adorable in this cute tutu…..not for a while though!! Holly your such a creative gal….ytb! And HaPpY BiRtHdAy!! <3

  27. Amanda C.

    (I just thought I’d add a “C” to my name so you knew it was me… the one around the corner)

    I LOVE this one! I wish I had a little girlie to give it too, but the little girlies in my life already have them :) I will however be telling EVERYONE else that I know that has a little girlie about this! :)

    Happy B-day early… AND I love the Billy Madison Quote! Man, I haven’t seen that in years!