Because I have SO much free time

Olive’s quilt is STILL not finished. It was quilted right before she was born and she’ll be four months on the 17th. I got a little hung up on the binding since I have no idea how to do it. And after the time and money spent on it, I’m not going to just wing it.

Anyway, I finally got the help I needed to finish it but after I got the binding on the front side, I decided that I didn’t like it. I think it looks fine, but I don’t love it, and I need to love it. I’m changing the green binding to red. Red is the accent color in her room anyway. I also don’t want to look at this quilt and have any regrets.

So, it’s off with the green…

and on with the red.


  1. Mom

    Yes, like the red!

  2. Natalie K.

    Yeah, I like the red too. That is SO cute. About how much does it cost to have it quilted? I always wondered ’cause I don’t have time to quilt by hand anymore. Maybe someday. ;)

  3. Ashley

    Yes. RED for sure!

  4. Holly

    Thanks! I’m much more pleased with the red too!

    Nat, there’s a lady in my neighborhood who does them at very affordable prices. Quilting stores that do them can be pretty pricey. I can’t believe you ever did yours yourself! Well, actually I can believe that! And I’m sure someday you will have the time again. In fact we can do it together while the men (boys?) play video games and come up with more ridiculous jokes like bird heroine!

  5. Liz

    I may be late on this one. But I was going to say the red.

  6. courtneyb

    red, am I too late. I’m telling you, since your blog doesn’t update on my blog with each post, I get behind.


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