Cabin and/or Spring Fever

I have mixed emotions about the Spring. For the most part, I really love it. It is my second favorite season (after Fall). But this year, Spring is being a big, fat tease. Now, I don’t expect everyday to be warm and perfect this time of year. I’m fully aware that I live in Utah and not Arizona or California. But the snow last weekend was really a bit much. I don’t mind occasional snow storms, but it needs to get a move-on and melt already!

ANYWAY. My problem right now is: 1. The snow and cold keep us indoors. 2. We have a small house. And when I say small, I mean SMALL (even though I just wrote it in all caps there, it just wouldn’t have had the same effect if I had written, SMALL).

But I guess there’s no use in sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves because we can’t enjoy nice weather everyday. Finger painting (hand painting for Gwen) is our new official snow-and-cold-weather indoor activity.


  1. Grandma K

    Smart! The first two pics remind me of Tazzie.

  2. Ada Bowler

    What fun! I pulled our paints out for Annie the other day and she had a hayday. Today, though, I’m glad she’s outside riding her trike with her sisters.

    Also, I’m in love with fabric too. I mean I really love it. Have you ever been to the Corn Wagon Quilt Company in Springville? You should. It’s my favorite thing about living here.

    You girls are so cute, and I could just eat up that little Olive!

  3. Holly

    Mom, I can see that too!

    Ada, hi! I have been down there to the Corn Wagon. There are some really good quilting stores in the area, and that is one of them! Dangerous hobby though!


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