My Name is Gwen

And I’m really obsessed with my Mom’s Turbie Twist (super-absorbent hair towel). “Turbie Twist holds your hair better than a towel,” you know.

And since you can totally jump on a bed while wearing one (AND IT WON’T FALL OFF!), I’m hoping that I’ll be getting one of my own. SOON.

  1. Ashley

    Sweet. I thought I was only the only one around that rocks a turbi twist. I have one is light pink and dark pink. I usually just use them in the shower. However, after reading your post I have a strong urge to go jump on my bed wearing it.

  2. Mom

    Cute, Cute! What a cutie! Now, I want one.
    At the HK Christmas Party, I got something like that in the white elephant gift exchange and somebody took it away from me…and I thought, “WHY?” and was secretly glad…then ended up (after having my gifts taken at least 5 times) at the end with a huge silver-with-rhinestones- cross with a gaudy chain–supposedly a necklace…now what, I ask you WHAT could a missionary (or anyone) do with something like that? Gimme back that turbi twist lookalike. However, Dad was delighted because it was wrapped around some nice dark, fancy chocolates.

  3. Liz

    What? never tried one or even tried putting a towel on my head like that.

  4. courtneyb

    I need a turbie twist and so do my girls.

  5. Holly

    I got mine on sale at Shopko for 50% off! And Mom, I think you’d really like one, so maybe a package will be coming your way!

  6. Julie Tracy

    Haha, we LOVE the turbie twist! I have one and Kaylie has one. My girls got a kick out of seeing Gwen wearing one. Ashley was running around in mine today :) Love seeing your cute family!!!


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