My Name is Gwen

And I can touch my nose with my tongue.

I know this makes my mom somewhat jealous considering this is something she has always wished she could do, along with wiggling her ears. I am now in the elite club of those-who-can-touch-their-nose-with-their-tongue along with Auntie Kiki, Uncle Jon, my cousin Tainui, and the one who I probably got this talent from, my Dad.

Now it’s time to work on rolling my tongue.


  1. Uncle Jon

    Welcome to the club Gwenie! Now for your initiation…you must touch your nose with your tongue 100 times in front of those who can’t to tease them ;)

  2. Tracy

    I’ve always wanted to do that too! I’m jealous. But I must say, I can roll my tongue, but more importantly, I can wiggle my ears. One at a time, even!! :)

  3. karissa

    i can not touch my nose with my tongue and i can not roll my tongue. i am feeling extremely self conscious and sad right now. way to go gwen!

  4. Holly

    Jon, rub salt in the wound why don’t you.

    Tracy, that is a talent indeed!

    Karissa, interesting. Very, very interesting. ;)

  5. Grandma and Grandpa

    hmmm…the talent of tongues. Grandma can roll her tongue, but not touch her nose…Grandpa can do neither. For what it is worth. ;)

  6. Holly

    WHAT!? How did I not know that Dad can’t roll his tongue? I know that it’s genetic, but that’s just crazy!

  7. Liz

    I can’t do the touching of the nose either but Ffinlo can and he is next to me doing it as I type this.


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