My Name is Holly

And I’m a quilter! Okay, maybe that’s a little presumptuous. Let me just say that I have completed my very first quilt. The stitches on the back side of the binding are very large and wonky, but if I tried to make it perfect I never would have finished it. And since it’s taken me six months from start to finish, I just needed to knock it out and get it out of my unfinished projects pile (which already overfloweth).

I have come to realize that I just need to make more so I can practice and get better at hand sewing the binding on because I’m sure that I’m doing a million things wrong.

I guess it’s a good thing that I have two more that need to be finished.

  1. Melissa

    Nice, Holly! I love it, and you’re right, practice is key. I need to do the same.

  2. Denice

    it looks fantastic!!!! i love quilting lately, just wish i had more time. ive also been trying to plow thru some of my WPI’s too.

  3. Mom

    Love the design AND colors.

  4. Dyana Geddie

    impressive!! and to think you have a new baby and still find time to quilt, even more impressive!


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