More, Please.

Well, that vacation was either way too short, or it passed by really quickly. Probably both.

I want more.

More time with Dave. (I love having him all to myself)
More visiting with family and friends.
More of these cute and happy girls. (They fight a lot less when we are on vacation)

On the drive home, I kept thinking these three things:

1. I don’t want Dave to go back to work. Ever.
2. I don’t want to face all the laundry that awaits me.
3. I want to eat another tigger’s tail.

More pictures from our vacation to come after I come conquer the mountain of laundry that awaits me.

My Name is Olive

I have added prunes to my diet.


Be Back Soon

It’s a bit of a stretch, but sing (or say, or read) this to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club song:

See ya real soon
Why? Because we like you


My Name is Olive

And I eat solid food.

This was before I ate my first bowl of rice cereal (when I was still clean).

I want to hold the spoon all by myself.

Sometimes I get what I want.

But I’m not quite sure about that taste.

Seriously not sure about it.

I thought I’d put the bib in my mouth…

…or the bumbo, just so that they stop trying to feed me that bland cereal.

After a little while, I become a little interested in this food.

Okay, okay. Maybe it’s not so bad after all.


Around Our House


1. Gwen’s drawing of Dave. I love that the head and body are one and the same, with the arms and legs growing out of it. I love it because I used to draw this exact same way. I’m sure lots of kids draw “people” this way, but I was glad to see Gwen has a bit of my artistic (ahem) talent.

2. We are getting closer to our trip to The Happiest Place on Earth. This time we decided to mix it up a little bit, so each chain link has an attraction written on them. You are probably thinking that we are big Disney nerds. Well, you would probably be right.


3. This is a (wonky) wreath that I made. I tried to make this one from a tutorial of a blog I visit, Under the Sycamore by Ashley Ann. Her blog is so inspiring and pretty, you should check it out. I have a bit of a blog crush on her.

ANYWAY. My wreath looks pretty decent if you don’t look at it too close.  Hers is much cuter, but I’m satisfied with how mine has turned out…for now.

4. I am making Inez’s bedding. Finally. She has needed proper bedding since we moved in A YEAR AND A HALF AGO. I’m really excited about this quilt. I have a feeling it’s gonna be awesome. Not to mention the added benefit of keeping my child warm at night.

The rest of my house was just messy. Nothing of interest there.

Poor Baby

Do you watch The Office?

If your answer was yes, did you see that episode when Dwight and Michael ended up at the dump looking for the Dwight’s leads because Michael had hidden them from all the sales people? At the dump, they saw something purple and Michael said it’d be perfect for Phyllis. Then Dwight said, “Purple much?” We don’t know what it was about that line, but Dave and I laughed so hard about it. We now try to incorporate some version of it into our conversations on a daily basis. Now that I’ve explained all that, you will understand why I’ve typed the following.

Cry much?

Well, you would probably be cranky too if the top of your gums looked like this:

Teethe much?

Olive at Six Months

I can’t believe we are half-way to one year already!

One month

Two months

Three months

Four months

Five months

Seven months

Eight months

When Dave came home for lunch today, I asked him to take a few pictures of Miss Olive and myself since I’m the one who is always behind the camera. I love her expression here. When she is happy, she gets this huge smile which takes up about half of her face.

I just love our little butterball.

Happy Birthday to Me!

For the past few months, I’ve been craving a lens. A 50mm prime lens.

Then I bought it.

It is amazing. I love it.

I love how low the f-stop goes, letting in all that lovely light. I love the shallow depth of field it gives my pictures. I love it. It makes me giddy. It makes me want to shoot.

So, when we had dinner with my in-laws the other day, I couldn’t help myself. I saw all that fresh meat, i.e., children other than my own willing to have their pictures taken, and I just started shooting. When all was said and done, I got all of them but one. Where did you go, Dale?









My handsome husband

Did I mention that I love this new lens? Cause I do.

Foot in Mouth

I can’t decide what I like best about this picture. Is it the fact that Olive finally—after weeks of trying—managed to get her foot into her mouth? (I love this baby stage.) Is it the look of happiness / satisfaction on her face? Or is it her white little fingertips—showing just how hard a grip she’s got on that foot?


My Name is Inez

I love to set up my own little area with my stuffed animals and pillows. This is where I can be found most of the time, away from my Mom’s eye and a little sister that like to copy every single thing I do. Sometimes I just want to be all by myself.

“I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel.”

Plus, it makes for a super comfy place to read.

Movie quote? Anyone?