Around Our House


1. Gwen’s drawing of Dave. I love that the head and body are one and the same, with the arms and legs growing out of it. I love it because I used to draw this exact same way. I’m sure lots of kids draw “people” this way, but I was glad to see Gwen has a bit of my artistic (ahem) talent.

2. We are getting closer to our trip to The Happiest Place on Earth. This time we decided to mix it up a little bit, so each chain link has an attraction written on them. You are probably thinking that we are big Disney nerds. Well, you would probably be right.


3. This is a (wonky) wreath that I made. I tried to make this one from a tutorial of a blog I visit, Under the Sycamore by Ashley Ann. Her blog is so inspiring and pretty, you should check it out. I have a bit of a blog crush on her.

ANYWAY. My wreath looks pretty decent if you don’t look at it too close.  Hers is much cuter, but I’m satisfied with how mine has turned out…for now.

4. I am making Inez’s bedding. Finally. She has needed proper bedding since we moved in A YEAR AND A HALF AGO. I’m really excited about this quilt. I have a feeling it’s gonna be awesome. Not to mention the added benefit of keeping my child warm at night.

The rest of my house was just messy. Nothing of interest there.

  1. Grandma and Grandpa

    Tell Gwennie we LOVE her drawing!
    The rings and crafts are cool too.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh I love Inez’s quilt! I am doing the bedding for the baby boy out of the blues and greens from the same line! BEAUTIFUL!
    I love how creative Gwen is! Oh, and the disneyland thing, I think it’s clever, not creepy… at all. :)

  3. Amanda

    Ha! That was me… I’m not anonymous


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