Foot in Mouth

I can’t decide what I like best about this picture. Is it the fact that Olive finally—after weeks of trying—managed to get her foot into her mouth? (I love this baby stage.) Is it the look of happiness / satisfaction on her face? Or is it her white little fingertips—showing just how hard a grip she’s got on that foot?


  1. Marilla

    your girls are so beautiful! thanks for sharing.

  2. Holly

    Thanks Marilla! I keep meaning to comment back to your original comment too! I don’t mind you linking here at all! :)

  3. courtneyb

    i love that

  4. Grandpa K

    I’m not so sure it is such a great idea to be able to put your foot in your mouth…but I guess it’s okay at her age. At my age, not so good. Not physically, of course.


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