More, Please.

Well, that vacation was either way too short, or it passed by really quickly. Probably both.

I want more.

More time with Dave. (I love having him all to myself)
More visiting with family and friends.
More of these cute and happy girls. (They fight a lot less when we are on vacation)

On the drive home, I kept thinking these three things:

1. I don’t want Dave to go back to work. Ever.
2. I don’t want to face all the laundry that awaits me.
3. I want to eat another tigger’s tail.

More pictures from our vacation to come after I come conquer the mountain of laundry that awaits me.

  1. Mom

    Sisters are forever!

  2. Stephanie LaPray

    Hi there!!! We LOVED Disneyland too!!! And strange but the same thing happened to us!!! Our vacation went by all too quickly!!! Glad you had fun!!!

  3. karissa

    Im glad you had fun! im jealous! coming home from a great vacation is the worst feeling in the world

  4. Denice

    so glad you had fun. isnt it always hard to come home? if only life could be a constant vacation.


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