Sitting & Grabbing

The other day Dave set Olive in a chair in our living room. She looked so funny sitting in this big chair and we couldn’t help but laugh. I, of course, grabbed the camera while Gwen climbed into the chair with her.

Now, Olive is at the “grabby” stage. She grabs, and tightly grasps, anything her little fingers touch. She is getting very quick at it, too. As soon as Gwen sat next to her, Olive simply put her hand on her sister but that was enough to send Gwen into hysterics.


Gwen also loves to get right into Olive’s face.

I can only imagine how annoying that would be, and for the most part Olive doesn’t seem to mind, unless it’s just a bit too close…

…then she’s done with the chair, the pictures, and Gwen in her face.

I just can’t believe I didn’t notice Olive’s crazy comb-over. I suppose I wouldn’t be doing my job (as a parent) properly unless I have some blackmail pictures, right?

Olive’s Do

A little pompadour never hurt anyone.

Especially a baby-sized pompadour.