Poor Baby

Do you watch The Office?

If your answer was yes, did you see that episode when Dwight and Michael ended up at the dump looking for the Dwight’s leads because Michael had hidden them from all the sales people? At the dump, they saw something purple and Michael said it’d be perfect for Phyllis. Then Dwight said, “Purple much?” We don’t know what it was about that line, but Dave and I laughed so hard about it. We now try to incorporate some version of it into our conversations on a daily basis. Now that I’ve explained all that, you will understand why I’ve typed the following.

Cry much?

Well, you would probably be cranky too if the top of your gums looked like this:

Teethe much?

  1. Katrina

    Well, your baby might flop over when she tries to sit up, but she’s kicking my baby’s behind when it comes to teething. I attribute this to your mothering skillzzz. Let’s face it- we’re both amazing.

  2. Natalie (Spencer) K.

    That happened to my little E. too! 4 at 1 time came in on the top around 7 months…poor little girls!

  3. Grandma

    ahh…poor sweet baby….


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