Confucious Wants Us to Be Happy

Dave and I went on a date Saturday night. We tried to go see Ironman 2. He has been longing to see it ever since it came out. After filling our babysitter’s brain with all sorts of information she would probably need, we hurried to the theater only to discover that the movie was sold out. So instead we went shopping and to dinner. At dinner I got this fortune.

No joke. If that isn’t a sign that we are supposed to go back to California for another (longer) vacation, then I don’t know what is.

  1. David

    It’s totally a sign.

  2. Holly

    I can have us all packed and ready to go in four hours (max).

  3. Tracy

    How can you trust a fortune that spells “traveling” like “travelling” ?! Seriously Holly… better re-think that!!! :)

  4. Liz

    Nice, what restaurant was that from? I may need to make a stop there, maybe I will get the same fortune.

  5. Holly

    Oh my gosh, Tracy! I didn’t even notice that! How funny.

  6. Mom

    Hey, interestingly enough, ‘traveling’ is more American English, but ‘travelling’ is still correct, and used mostly by the British and others and is listed usually as a secondary way to spell it, even though it looks absolutely crazy!

    I’m afraid I get involved in these things out a lot since I am teaching English to the Chinese Staff in the Asia Area Office (in Hong Kong) and most of them learned (learnt) English from the Brits. :) So, the Fortune-cookie-maker probably learned it from them as well, because many of the mainlanders use British English too.

    Okay, more than you wanted to know.

  7. Holly

    Good to know Mom! I think I’ll now take it as a sign that I should travel a lot farther west than California. Perhaps Hong Kong? :)

  8. Mom

    Sounds good to me!

  9. Melissa

    Yes!! I always knew fortune cookies were a reliable source.

  10. Tracy

    Thanks Mama Kewish, I didn’t know that!! Although I really think it looks weird!!!


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