My Name is Olive

And I have four teeth. There are two more top teeth trying to make their way through my gums. I have to say, it’s not the best feeling and it makes me drool. I think teeth are overrated, especially when I don’t even have to chew my food at this point. But my Mommy sure does love my teethy smile. She tells me that all the time.

I also enjoy spending most of my floor time holding my legs up and spreading my toes out wide like this. I find that it really works my core.

I’m all about the teeth and the abs these days.

  1. Carina

    That bottom picture, oh, it’s delicious

  2. amber

    love it. dexter is still chilling with NO teeth poking through!! do you think olive could lend some his way? because he DOES have to chew his food!!

    and love the ab workout. wish i could chill in that position all day!!


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