Quilty McGee

I finally finished the top to Inez’s quilt for her bed. I’m anxious to get it quilted so that I can finish it and she will finally have decent bedding in her room.

It only took me a year and half…

While I wait for that to be quilted, I’m working on a little baby quilt for a friend. I might even be brave enough to quilt this one myself (I just need Melissa’s confidence/encouragement/know how).

Once those two are done, I’m going to make a Halloween throw. I love these.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve been bitten by the quilting bug, although I’d have to blame it on the fabrics.

Why is fabric so addicting?

  1. brooke

    worth the year and a half wait. it’s gorgeous! love you!

  2. Tracy

    You have the best taste in fabric!!!!!!!! SO jealous of your talent.

  3. Melissa

    You are a natural, you should totally just quilt it yourself, you can sew a straight line!! I love the quilts, you really do have great taste in fabric.

  4. karissa

    love those quilts! i always get really into quilting for like a month and finish a couple tops and then they just sit there for forever waiting to be quilted! poor things! i feel you though with the fabric addiction!

  5. Heath

    I am just so inspired by your creativity! Those are beautiful and that Halloween throw is going to be AMAZING! (said in a sing songy voice.)

  6. Ann

    You’re so talented. Really.

  7. Denice

    both are turning out sooooo cute. i love the halloween fabric. i love almost any fabric! so addicting. such a good addiction. could be worse ;)


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