1. Heather

    Yay! This is GREAT news! Your family is growing and you guys will be blessed greatly! I am excited for you all and I know this journey is going to be a joyful one! Love you!

  2. courtneyb

    congratulations! When is this baby in your tummy going to be born? Did you know when I saw u at Kohl’s?

  3. Holly

    Thanks Heath. Love you too!

    Courtney, it’s due in March. I’m 12 weeks along, and I did know when I saw you. I wanted to tell you, but my kids didn’t even know yet, and Dave would have killed me!

  4. Kim Walker

    Congrats Holly and Family, that is such wonderful news. Maybe Dave will get his boy??? Keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a healthly 9 months!!!

  5. Carina

    Yeah, Holly, How DO YOU KNOW?

    I love it! Congrats!

  6. Ashley

    Congratulations! That was the best video :) AGAIN??

  7. Ann

    Wow, wow, wow. Congratulations. Are you sick yet? Send the girls over.

  8. Holly

    Kim—that’s the hope! Thanks!

    Carina—luckily I got out of that one since she answered her own question. It wasn’t the right answer, but it got me off the hook for now.

    Ashley—isn’t her reaction so priceless? I love it!

    Ann—I know. Wow is right.

  9. Lisa F

    So excited you have another pea in your pod :) Congratulations!!

  10. Beth


  11. Amanda

    Oh man I love this! Your girls are the BEST! I love all the guesses and Inez’s “AGAIN!!!” is priceless!

  12. Tracy

    ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!!!!! Wow, this is wonderful! Although I am taking deep breaths for you right now too… so if you have a boy, you’ll be like us!! If you have a girl, you will have 4 beautiful girls. :) You do make them quite beautiful! And they are so dang cute.. would love to spend a day with your family!

  13. Melissa

    Well, you certainly shocked me! That’s so great, you are such a great Mom. Can’t wait to meet this new little one.

  14. Katrina

    Congratulations! How are you feeling? I hope the sickness is easier on you this time around!

  15. Holly

    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your comments!

    Tracy, I would hang out with you for a day, any day, in a heartbeat.

    Melissa, let’s just say that I was also shocked. Good thing we didn’t book the cruise with you guys after all!

    Katrina, I have been blessed with minimal puking and nausea. Perhaps it will be a boy…

  16. Melissa

    Since you can’t join us on the cruise this year, we’ll just have to come to you, we miss you guys!

  17. Holly

    Melissa, sounds great!

  18. Denice

    exciting news for you!!! i sure love babies :) who grow into adorable kids ;) this is a nice start….

  19. Sara Perez

    Yay! Congrats – that’s the cutest video ever – what a great thing to have captured. :)


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