Holy Garden Batman!

This year I wasn’t quite sure we were going to have our garden space ready in time to plant anything. Since we moved in a year and a half ago, we have been slowly (but surely) making progress with our yard. It was a crazy mess when we bought this place. Seriously, when we look at the before pictures, we cannot even believe that we bought our house! Anyway, it’s been pretty slow going. I was hopeful we would have a garden this year, but just not certain.

Well, Dave pulled through just in the nick of time. By then it was too late to start seeds, so I went to a local nursery and bought some starts. It was pretty picked over by that time, so I just grabbed a bunch of random vegetables. I planted them all a bit too close too. I guess I didn’t expect everything to survive. But survive, everything did. And it’s now a crazy looking garden.

Here’s looking back on just two of the four grow boxes. It is a hot mess.

I bought at least five different kinds of tomatoes. I only had a few cages though, so most of the plants are growing in big planty piles. Dave’s parents used this method of growing tomatoes last year with good results, so I wasn’t too concerned that each plant didn’t have it’s own cage. I have only harvested a few grape tomatoes so far, and there are a ton of green tomatoes that I impatiently urge to turn red every day—especially the cherry tomatoes. Yum

I have a few yellow bell pepper plants coming along nicely.

A few watermelons growing fatter each day.

Some walla walla onions.


Mini pumpkins ( because I am always too cheap to buy these in the store)


One of the plants that I bought just for fun was this pumpkin plant. I’d forgotten about it until I noticed a pumpkin plant with HUGE leaves growing so I went out to find the tag. I think I wasn’t expecting it to take as well as it has and I did not give heed to the last part of the directions where it says to give it “room to grow.” Just one of the lessons I’ve learned with this year’s garden.

This baby is probably the size of a beach ball, and it still has a few months left to grow. It’ll be okay as long as it leaves my tomatoes alone.

I expected the zucchini to do just fine, but I’ve been really surprised with how many cucumbers we’ve gotten.

The bad thing about cucumbers and zucchini is that they are pretty easy to miss, and tend to get quite large over just a few days, like that HUGE cucumber on the bottom of the picture.

Even though I have done very little, having a garden and eating fresh from it brings such a great feeling of accomplishment! Now if my tomatoes will just turn red…

  1. Melissa

    That’s so great, Holly! I’m so jealous. I have fresh basil on our porch, and that’s it, but I do love having it on hand. There’s nothing like fresh garden tomatoes, the ones from the grocery store don’t even come close!

  2. Dyana Geddie

    all I have to say is holy cow batman!! that is one impressive garden..you can make some crazy canned pickles with all those cucumbers!

  3. Dyana Geddie

    O.K., now I’m really laughing..I didn’t even see the title to your entry until after I posted my first comment. We are so on the same wavelength!


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