Now I know that deer eat watermelon. 

I think it’s obvious that they read blogs too.

  1. Natalie K

    Oh, my gosh. I’m so sad for you. Stupid deer. I’m so in awe of your garden though. Sammie ate an orange in church a few weeks ago and saved one of the seeds. She planted it in the front yard and swore that it sprouted but now it seems to have disappeared. She cried in bed tonight because I told her that if she wanted to grow an orange tree, we’d have to move to California of Florida. She was totally on board for California because then we’d be close to Sea World, Hollywood and the iCarly set, the beach, Disneyland, etc. Then Lexie offered the suggestion that we could tie a rope to our house and pull it there, or just do what they did in “Up”. I love it.

    I’m seriously in awe of your garden. I can barely keep my flower beds weeded and lawn mowed. I miss you!


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