My Name is Holly

And I’m a Disneyland junkie. Also, I’ve shamelessly dragged my family into this addiction.

We had kind of a crazy summer. So a few weeks before school started I told Dave to take some time off work because we were going to be headed to Disneyland for a little R&R before school and schedules ruled our lives. It was a very short trip, but totally worth it (as always).

Here are some shots that I took just around the park.

Years of people passing by and unknowingly touching this knob has made the grain of the wood stand out. It’s weird, but Dave and I love this. Anyone recognize what/where this is located?









I love my baby’s cute legs and feet sticking out of the stroller. They go straight out like this when she’s excited about something.
(I like to think she’s just excited about being at Disneyland.)

The obligatory picture from Dumbo.

Gwen always asks to see Winnie the Pooh. Since it isn’t usually very long, that’s the one line we stand in for characters—especially since you get to see two-three characters after only one line. Plus, I just can’t say no to that face.
Well, I can say no and do say no to her quite often. But in this instance, I can’t.

I love the coy little smile she gets from seeing Tigger.

Inez and I happened upon Sulley at California Adventure. Inez was really sad that she was unable to get his autograph (his hands are hard plastic and huge) but settled for a hug where she nearly disappeared into his fur.

On our last day Gwen wanted to wear her Alice costume.

As we were leaving the park, the Disneyland Marching Band was out by the entrance/exit along with Alice and the Mad Hatter. They pulled Gwen out of the crowd to participate. It was really cute and I took about 5,000 pictures.

This was the Band Leader, the Mad Hatter, and Alice discussing what song to play/sing with Gwen.

Afterward I asked Gwen if she felt a little shy. She said, “Yes. I was a lot shy.”

‘I’ for Inez

‘G’ is for Gwen but since there is not a ‘G’ in California, we tried to get Gwen to make the ‘C’ look like a ‘G’. We weren’t very successful.

‘O’ is for Olive.

And a close-up on Miss Olive.

‘L’ for Lesue

We loved our hotel, which was a really good thing because this was our first trip in about five years where we actually went back to our room to rest. I was extra tired being in my first trimester during this trip.
Do you see the hidden mickey in the logo?

Until next time…

  1. kristy

    oh tazzie will be so glad to see your pictures of your trip. i think she is still waiting to hear more about it. we are glad you are back and in full swing taking care of us/me. thank you by the way you are the best. love you tons.

  2. Cherri

    No way! Did I read that correctly? Is that my reward for reading every word you wrote?!

    I loved all your pictures and I don’t know where that one picture is but I will have to look for it now.

  3. Holly

    Kristy – that’s what sisters are for!

    Cherri – you mean that I’m pregnant? Yep. You read that right. Cuh-ray-zee!

  4. Melissa

    Is the knob from “Pinnochio”? Love the pics, we just went on Wednesday, and last Friday (just James and I)…so fun!

  5. Holly

    Close Melissa!

    Remember when you guys came with Dave and I for our anniversary, sans kids? That was so fun. We should do that again.

  6. Denice

    again? whaaaaa!!

    the knob is in the line of mr toads wild ride…..

  7. Holly


    Like I said, I’m addicted. We are going again in a month for Halloween. :D

    And Mr. Toad’s is also very close, but not it…

  8. Heath

    Oh I LOVE! And Uncle Grace loved them too.


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