Out With the Orange

Before Olive was born I decided that I wanted to repaint the nursery (I meaning Dave, of course). I liked the orange, but had grown tired of it. Plus, we were adding a red crib, and I thought that the orange and red would be too much in such a small space. Labor Day Weekend (only ten or eleven months later) I got my wish.

Bye-bye orange walls.

Hello lovely cream walls.

I even like the busy, bold, bright curtains now.

I also really like the view from her room (complete with the lovely fall colors on Squaw Peak).

Now it’s time to find art/decorations for the walls. This is by far my biggest speed bump when it comes to decorating our house. Ugh. Wish me luck.

  1. Heath

    So I LOVE the cream walls and I think the view is amazing…especially with all those electrical wires! HA! Kidding! I do love the colors on the mountain though. ;-)

    I think Dave….er you did a great job! =)

  2. Melissa

    Love it, I just love your style, you do a great job with decorating.

  3. Denice

    That is a good man u have there!


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