A Little Addition

Last night I decided to use up the extra “favric” (as Gwen calls it) from the girl’s costumes and make them trick-or-treat bags to match their costumes. Even though it’s kind of a sloppy job (you can kind of see in the picture how the lines don’t quite match up on the seam, and stuff like that) I really love how Gwen’s turned out.

Now onto figuring out their shoes. I hate that part.

Post edit:
I apparently need to should give a shout out to Dave who cut the skull and cross bones out for me, and adhered it to the bag. Thanks for your help babe, YTB.

  1. Dave

    I love the skull and crossbones. Who cut it out and adhered it to the bag for you? Whoever it was, is obviously an expert skull and crossbones cut-outist/adherist.

  2. Heath


    Whenever you are ready to actually market your amazing talent, please let me know so I can pimp you out and get your store and your items available. I have a whole plan on this, all I need is someone who has something they want to sell. LOL

    Seriously, I’m not kidding. I have SO MANY ideas!!!


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