Counting Down

It is not a secret that we are big fans of Disneyland in our home. We really enjoy going with our girls at this stage in their lives because they love it so, so much.

We have been wanting to go for the Halloween celebrations that have there for the last number of years and finally this is our year to go! We are all pretty excited, especially Gwen who is a big Jack Skellington fan.

We always make a countdown chain for any trips that we take or events we are looking forward to. This time the girls and Dave drew pictures to go along with writing the names of the attractions that we enjoy.

This is for the Nemo Submarine ride. Obviously.

After Gwen’s first time riding the Tower of Terror, Dave asked her how she liked it and she told him, “my bum went up.”

We love our countdown chains. We are dorks. We know this and embrace it.

  1. Meagan Meyer

    You guys are going to love Disneyland for Halloween. I grew up on the east coast so one year my best friend and I and her parents when to Disneyworld for Halloween and it was soooo AWESOME!

  2. Heath

    I seriously LOL’d when I read what Gwen said about going on TOT.

    Love that girl!


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