My Name is Inez

and I have officially joined the awkward teeth phase.

I’ve got two permanent bottom teeth, one permanent front tooth, one baby front tooth, and two holes where I have recently lost teeth.

Luckily, my parents think I’m cute anyway.

  1. Tracy

    Of course she’s still cute! Nevertheless… it’s not my favorite stage. :) We do a lot of closed mouth smiles for the camera during those years. :)

  2. Heath

    This is the stage where you start to see your money going down the “braces” drain. lol I HATE it when I get behind on your blog!

  3. Sherrie

    My name is owen and I like girls with awkward teeth! (randomly found your blog…your birth story with Clara was just like mine with Quinn – except switch baby girl 4 in nicu with baby boy 4 in nicu.) Tell Inez we all had the flu when she called last….we will get them together soon.


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