The Ripe Daughter

On Sunday, Dave and I were listening to General Conference, the girls were playing and Olive was napping. Olive woke up about 20 minutes before the last session ended. I was hoping she would just play in her crib so that we could listen to the last portion of Conference without interruption.

Gwen came in and asked if she could play with Olive, basically entertaining her for us, so I said of course! A few seconds after Gwen went in Olive’s room, she came right back out and I heard her telling Inez in the hall, something about a “stinky diaper” and that it was “all over”. I quickly sat up, and asked Gwen to repeat herself, fearing the worst yet hoping for the best.

Unfortunately, what I feared was what had come to pass. Little Miss Olive had indeed made a stinky diaper. Someone (not naming names here) had put her diaper on a little crooked and well, the stinkies came out one side. Little Miss had gotten into it, and it was covering many surfaces. It was almost as if she finger painted with it.

I quickly started gagging (thanks to my queasy pregnancy state, in this instance) so Dave took over. He wasn’t too happy and he certainly didn’t think it was very funny. The fact that her fecal matter was smeared all over her mouth was pretty disgusting to him. Yes, I also think that part was pretty gross, but I also chalked it up to being something babies do (I didn’t have to clean in up, so I had a pretty good outlook on everything).

When I came into the bathroom with my camera, Dave incredulously looked at me. “What are you doing!? You want pictures of this!?” After getting her all cleaned up, he was still so disgusted that he took a shower.

Okay, he didn’t really take a shower, but he told me about ten times that he really wanted to take a shower. I know that he washed his hands a lot.

Since I was basically chased out of the bathroom, I only got one mediocre shot. It’s even blurry, so sorry. But at least you can see the state of her hands.

Lesson learned? If (heaven forbid) it ever happened again, take more pictures.

  1. courtneyb

    that made me gag just reading it.

  2. Tracy

    I cannot wait to send this link to my mom. She’ll love it. Favorite part? “Fecal matter smeared all over her mouth” and the look on Dave’s face that I pictured when you walked into the bathroom with the camera. Thanks for the laugh, Holly!!

  3. Uncle Jon

    That’a a beeeeg blowwwwouuuutt!!!

  4. heath

    HAHAHAHA! I would be grossed out but after all of my “poop” stories with regards to a certain autistic child it is just one of those “roll with the punches” then again…I’m not pregnant. HA!

  5. Dyana

    umm… did I read that right? are you pregnant? fun, fun, fun, well, I guess not right now if you are, but how exciting. Will it be baby girl #4? Can’t wait to find out!

  6. kristy

    like the background…did you like any other pics from yesterday? i liked quite a few. have to go exploring more! your pics are great. good eye mate (say that with an aussie accent). love you.


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