A Little Holiday Craftiness

Here’s one project I’m working on.

I’m slowly and sadly realizing that my list of things I want to do/make will drastically be cut down as the December days fly by.

I think that next year I’m going to start in August.

Olive at Twelve Months

I can’t decide which of these two pictures I’ll be using in the final project. What do you think?



One month

Two months

Three months

Four months

Five months

Six months

Seven months

Eight months

Nine months

Ten months

Eleven months

That Must Have Hurt

Don’t you hate it when your hands are so cold that all you want to do is put them in hot water but when you do, it just stings and feels like a million pins pricking your skin?

I can only imagine that’s how her hands felt after she came inside to get warm.

Why is it so hard to find waterproof gloves for little hands? I think it’s time to get serious about having good/protective winter gear.

My Name is Holly

…and I’m a big fan of Martha. I picked up these little gems at Joann Favrics the other day.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to part with them though. I have a bad habit of not using things like this because I love them so much.

And that, my friends, is not a good thing.

Happy Berfday Olive!

Our little girl is one and I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by.

It’s a good thing we like to give her lots of attention, because come March, this little queen will be knocked off the baby throne!

Here Comes Trouble

On the verge of turning one, our Miss Olive has been busy discovering that she’s now big enough to climb up on things. For example, here she is standing on her sister’s bed.

She is also learning that getting up is much easier than getting down.


My Name is Holly

…and my head hurts. Piecing together the quilt if you don’t use a pattern like me is the most difficult part, in my opinion. Up until now nothing is set in stone. I have already edited quite a bit. But once I start sewing the rows together, I don’t want to have to undo anything.

I feel like I need another set of eyes here. Who wants to come over and help me? I’ll even bake you some chocolate chip cookies…


Well, The Weather Outside is Frightful

This gray and rainy day, I’m working on my Christmas quilt. I’m trying to get it done so I can send it off to be quilted and get it back in time to use in December. I’m really loving it and since I’m not using a pattern or one particular line of “favric,” I’m hoping it will look as good in real life as it does in my imagination.

Also, I know that this is a sin to some people, but I’m listening to Christmas music while working. I’m sorry but today, I just can’t help it.

My Name is Olive

…and despite how often I get stuck in it, this is my favorite spot in the whole house.

Also, can someone please tell my mom that when she finds me like this, the correct response is to pull me free, not laugh at me and take my picture?