My Name is Holly

…and my head hurts. Piecing together the quilt if you don’t use a pattern like me is the most difficult part, in my opinion. Up until now nothing is set in stone. I have already edited quite a bit. But once I start sewing the rows together, I don’t want to have to undo anything.

I feel like I need another set of eyes here. Who wants to come over and help me? I’ll even bake you some chocolate chip cookies…


  1. Ashley

    Ohhhh! I love it just the way it is!!! But I will still take choc. chip cookies :)

  2. Lisa F.

    I don’t know how much help I’d be but I wish I could come over. I think it looks great!

  3. Amanda

    A-MAZE-ING!!!! Wow Holly. This looks awesome! I love it how it is, but would love to come and “ohhh” and “ahh” at it in person. You wouldn’t even need to feed me cookies. :) Oh and I could pick up Gwen while I’m there and take her home with me. E has been asking to play with “Gwennie”.

  4. courtneyb

    I love this quilt. I wanna come hang out with you. do you trust my eyes? or my taste ? ;)

  5. Heather

    I’m guessing now would NOT be the right time for you to make one for me? LOL I’d be over….but it is going to be a while.

  6. brooke

    i love it. you’re amazing with your quilty skills.

    just thinking about making something like that makes my head hurt.

    miss you.

  7. Holly

    Thanks, ladies! I would have any of you over in a heart beat to hang out. Nor would I turn down your suggestions on the quilt. I know you all have good taste…I mean you’re friends with me, right?


  8. Melissa

    Holly, I love your quilt!! Love, love, love it! So cute. I wish that I could hop on by and help, we could have some serious crafting sessions if we lived closer. :) I am thinking of starting a quilt for Annie’s room. I like making up my own patterns too.


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