A Note From “Gwem”

When Gwen writes, her ‘n’ is always written as an ‘m’. So the other day when the girls were playing something in their room, Gwen made this sign to keep Olive out so that she wouldn’t destroy their creation.

It should read, “No babies allowed”. Also, I’m not exactly sure how “allowed” became “allowem”. Nevertheless, this sign makes me smile every time I see it.

I find it a bit ironic that it actually reads, “Mo babies” as if they were saying more babies are allowed, in which case this sign is very appropriate after all.

  1. Dave

    Mo babies certainly are allowem in our home these days.

  2. Jon

    Mo babies Mo Problems

  3. holly

    Tru dat, Jon.

    (I have no idea if that’s spelled “correctly”)

  4. Heath

    ROFL! I love Mo babies!

    I also love how she put two hearts at the bottom. Just so that no one thinks she doesn’t have love for the mo babies.


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