Around Our House at Christmastime

I finally finished my yarn ball wreath!  Now that I’m looking at the picture though, I can see a few more spots that need another ball or two but I think I’ll just leave it as is. It’s only bugging me in the picture anyway.

This is where I found the tutorial.

I bought a bunch of snowflake ornaments from Target, only 3/$1! One night I strung them together and persuaded Dave to help me hang them up, in which he did most of the work. I love what it adds to the room, but unfortunately doesn’t quite translate to pictures very well.

I got this grapevine tree at Hobby Lobby the other day for 50% off. It wasn’t in the Christmas section, but with all the other grapevine items instead. It was only $3.50 and I LOVE it. In fact I went back the next day and bought the last one for my mom.

I got this pom pom garland from Tai Pan Trading about a month ago. I think it was only $5.97 and I wish I had bought more of them. I’ve been meaning to go back to see if they have more, but I just haven’t made it yet because just the thought of going to the mall exhausts me! The imperfect and wonky pom poms are what make me love it so much.

I love our Christmas decorations. Now I just need people over so they can actually be seen.

So who wants to come over and hang out?

  1. Dave

    I do! I do!


  2. Jon

    I will come over with Ffinlo so he can see your wreath ;)

  3. Holly

    Jon, Ffinlo would be like, “You guys, I’m too old for this.”

  4. Keely Roney

    I’ll be over as soon as I can!

  5. holly

    Keely, you are always more than welcome!

  6. Lisa F.

    I love all of your decorations! I was hoping to see your belly in the reflection of the yarn ball wreath :)

  7. Melissa

    We would totally be over there…if we weren’t 10 hours away from you guys. I love your decorations, will you come decorate my house?

  8. Heath

    I think I need to hire you to come over and decorate my house for the holidays. That would work, right? ;)


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